Review: Sharp Shooter by Marianne Delacourt

Reviewed by Sarah Todman

Sharp shooter gets me right in the heart

OK, so I’ve decided Tara Sharp is my new BFF.

The straight talking, aura reading heroine of Marianne Delacourt’s Sharp Shooter is a total hoot to spend time with.

Broke but always resourceful, insightful but equal parts impetuous, and with a knack for landing herself in hilariously awkward, if not dangerous situations, Tara’s hands down the quirkiest crime solver I’ve come across.

Between jobs and back living in the converted garage of her parents Perth home, this 20-something decides the veritable paint catalogue of colours she’s noticed hovering over people her whole life might hold the key to a new and lucrative career.

Under the tutelage of a kooky aura reading sensei named Mr Hara, Tara embarks on Tara Sharp enterprises, hanging out her shingle to offer struggling souls help with social skills (‘learn to read those around you in four weeks’) and kinesics (communication analysis and relationship dynamics 101).

It ain’t long, however, before her newly unleashed paranormal talents lead Tara direct to drama, drama, drama.

Think Perth’s local crime boss and an underworld ‘situation’ that has our heroine running for her life.

Pick this book up and I pretty much guarantee that, like me, you won’t want to put it down.

You’ll fly through its pages laughing out loud at Tara’s antics and growing increasingly fond of the classic cast of characters Delacourt has assembled to join her on this journey.

Your stomach may at some junctures even give way to the odd grumble. Tara, a former high school basketball star, is the kind of cool chick who actually eats you see.

Her trotting out a 5 km run only to head straight to the corner shop following it and down two full bags of Clinkers (best Aussie confectionary ever!) had me sniggering and wishing for my own bag of Clinkers to crunch through as I turned to the next page.

The Perth setting for this rollicking ride is a highlight too. An Australian city with so much to offer, it really is a key character in this tale. As Tara herself says: “My city is a woman with so many moods and angles: dazzling, conceited, sheltered, and sometimes downright stuffy.”

Sharp Shooter closes with the promise of more hi-jinks in the next instalment of this four book Tara Sharp series.

I for one can’t wait to see what Tara does next.