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Writers seldom work without a support team. I’m very lucky to have some talented, generous people helping me.

The Author

Marianne Delacourt is the alter ego of internationally published SF writer Marianne de Pierres and the recipient of Sister’s in Crime Australia’s Davitt Award.

Marianne Delacourt is the lighter, funnier side of Marianne de Pierres who is renowned for the dark satire in her SF writing.

Mandy Wrangles – Reviewer

Amanda’s interest in crime fiction sprang from the world of paranormal fiction. Genre cross-overs are her passion. When reality-based human crime is mixed with the not-quite, the possibilities are endlessly fascinating.

An active member of Sisters in Crime Australia, Amanda was the winner of their 2009  1st prize Scarlet Stiletto trophy for her short story, ‘Persia Bloom’. She was shortlisted again in 2010 for ‘Annie at the Beach’.

These days she is busy working on a YA novel, as well as a novel length version of Persia Bloom; both of which are cross-over crime/paranormal stories. She also reviews and blogs on Marianne de Pierres’ Burn Bright website.

Krista Mckeeth – Reviewer

Krista was born and raised in Utah. Lucky enough to have travelled to several countries, she fully intends on traveling more. She is a collector things: Books, Music, Movies and Apple Products. She has a varied taste and all genres have caught her eye – though she tends to become obsessed with all things Teen and Young Adult. She has come to adapt to her 8 hour full time job staring at walls and florescent lighting. Developing a mental block in which she calls the CubicleBlindness. Reading is her favourite escape.

Joelene Pynnonen

JoeleneJoelene Pynnonen embraces the life of an avid book lover in every way. Her household is ruled cruelly by a wrathful cat; and should a fire ever start it is doubtful that she would make it past the elegant stacks of novels to her room door. At least once a year she coerces her mother into watching the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice with her, and will often follow up by re-reading the book.

When not reading or bowing to the will of the tyrant cat, Joelene likes to draw, make futile attempts at learning Finnish and occasionally work in a bookstore.