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Why did you set the novel in Perth?
Two reasons. First, it’s the place I spent my teens and twenties so I feel that I know it better than any other place I’ve lived. That’s important when a place is as much a character in the book as the people. Second, I’ve always been a voracious reader and grew up knowing more about English and American culture from literature than my own. As a great believer in the merits of pop culture, I wanted to correct that imbalance. IN OTHER WORDS… I wanted to have some fun messing around in my own hometown.

Why aren’t you writing science fiction anymore?
I am. I always will. Keep an eye on my other website. I also write for young adults.

Why did you use a pseudonym?
So that I was free to explore a different kind of voice without confusing my SF and teen readers too much.

Is Tara Sharp based on a real person?
No. But many of places in the books are real.

How many books will there be in the series?
At the moment there are four books; Sharp Shooter, Sharp Turn, Too Sharp, and Sharp Edge. Let me know if you’d like more!