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The Books

TS-Sharp Shooter_larsen cover-60

Sharp Shooter Book One

TS-Sharp Turn HR FrontCov-web

Sharp Turn Book Two


Too Sharp Book Three

TS-Sharp Edge-1

Sharp Edge Book Four

About the Books

The Tara Sharp books can be best described as humourous crime with a paranormal flavour. The series will be ongoing, featuring the same cast of characters, though each book will be a stand alone adventure mystery.

You can read the books out of order, but to enhance your enjoyment of the character development, Marianne suggests you begin with book one.

Comparison's have been drawn with Janet Evanovich's wonderful Stephanie Plum novels (of which Marianne is a big fan), and readers of that series will find appealing similarities. But while they are definitely of the same genre, there are some key differences. To begin with, Mariann'e books are set in Australia. Most significantly though, Tara is Tara - not Stephanie! She's a different type of girl.

Marianne is often asked if the comparison's bother her? The question perplexes her. What's not to be grateful for being grouped with one of the most successful crime series of all time? Vive, Steph! Vive, Tara!