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Too Sharp

Too Sharp

Book Three

Amateur sleuth and reluctant aura reader, Tara Sharp, returns in a new adventure. This time she’s looking after a difficult rock star in Bris-vegas and it’s not just him or his crazy fans she’s got to look out for – there’s danger and intrigue aplenty when you’re playing with the sharks of the music business.

Tara Sharp is back again in this frightening foray into the music industry. Things are a bit hot for Tara Sharp in Perth, so she jumps at the chance to leave town when a music promoter offers her a gig looking after a difficult rock star who’s performing in Brisbane. It’s not Tara’s usual line of work but the money is good and she’s a sucker for a backstage pass. Respite from her mother – with all her not-so-subtle hints about ‘eligible young men’ and ‘suitable jobs’ – is also a plus, as is the time and distance to resolve her mixed up feelings about the men in her life.

Arriving in ‘BrisVegas’, Tara finds her hands full dealing with the bizarre habits of the ‘artist’, not to mention his crazy fans. She soon discovers that the music industry is more cut-throat than she could possibly have imagined, and that the promoter who hired her is in over his head. In her quest to level the playing field, Tara discovers that it can get very dangerous messing with the big boys…