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Category: Events

SHARP SHOOTER free for a limited time!

As part of our Too Sharp promotions, you can download Sharp Shooter free until April 9th! You can do this either directly from any of the Amazon’s or through Instafreebie!

And the blog tour is underway:

Read an excerpt from SHARP TURN at The Criminal Element.

Read an interview with Marianne Delacourt at Books, Life, and Everything.

Here’s a recommended list of humorous heroines for you to check out at Liz Loves Books.

Also at The Criminal Element you can read the results of the poll I took amongst my friends and colleagues to pick the top female crime writers.

You can pick up the rest of the tour on the dates below:

Pan Macmillan Roadshow 2016

By Joelene Pynnonen

It’s that season again, the one that booksellers everywhere have been waiting for. Time to see which titles our publishers have lined up for Christmas. Pan Macmillan’s long-awaited Roadshow did not disappoint.

After catching up over drinks and nibbles, including Pete Evans’s delicious crusted prawns with lime aioli, we got into Macmillan’s Christmas line-up.

There are a myriad of amazing looking books coming out in the next few months. Even limiting discussion to the crime titles it’s going to be difficult to get through all of them.

Though The Dry has been out for three months, it is still receiving quite a bit of acclaim. Even before its release it won the 2015 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an Unpublished Manuscript. It’s easy to see why. In a remote farmhouse, besieged by drought, three bodies are found. It seems a straight-forward case; the drought has taken its toll on all of the people of the small township. When Federal Police investigator, Aaron Falk reluctantly returns for the funerals, he realises that there might be more to the deaths than a straight-forward murder-suicide. With over 35,000 copies sold – mostly by word of mouth – this is a title to look for if you haven’t read it already. And if you have read it already, Jane Harper’s second novel should be out next year.

Emma Donoghue, author of Room, is back with a psychological thriller that isn’t a murder mystery, but rather the story of a murder threatening to happen. Set in Ireland, Donoghue’s homeland, in the 1850s, The Wonder follows an English nurse who has been sent to report on a miracle-girl. The eleven year old has purportedly not eaten for months. At first intent on proving the child to be a fraud, the objective soon changes to saving her life.

Macmillan has another novel set in 19th Century Ireland coming out in the next few months. Hannah Kent, author of award-winning novel, Burial Rites, is back with her much-anticipated second novel. Like her debut novel, The Good People is based on true events. Exploring Irish mythology of the good folk, it tells the story of Michael – a suspected changeling child – and the three women who wish to help him.

Tony Park has a new thriller out too. His novel sales are steadily growing, and with good reason. They hold wide appeal for male and female readers alike, and each of them transcends any one genre. Red Earth is a stand-alone, and rumoured to be Park’s best novel yet. A car is hijacked in South Africa, the thief getting away with not only the vehicle, but a baby on board. In the meantime, a bomb has gone off, killing the American ambassador and giving the police a bigger problem to deal with.

If I thought that my summer reading list was unwieldy before, it’s even worse now. Am going to have to think long and hard about which of these intriguing novels to pick up first…





SheKilda3 - Sisters in Crime Convention

Sisters in Crime Australia will celebrate the 25th anniversary with our third women’s crime writing Convention.

The scene of the crime for SheKilda 3 – our one-day (and a bit) crime spree will be St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne.

Our motive is to celebrate women’s crime writing on the page and screen so criminal proceedings will involve nearly 50 leading novelists, true-crime writers, screenwriters, producers, publishers, lawyers and scholars.

SheKilda3 will include writing workshops, author panels, book launches, publisher pitching sessions, and the great Dames versus Dicks debate.

The convention will end in spectacular fashion with the presentation of the 23rd Annual Scarlet Stiletto Awards – which includes the once-in-a-quarter-century awarding of a Silver Stiletto.

Become A Criminal Consort

Sign up as a Criminal Consort and make a donation to the SheKilda3 by 4 November.

Sisters in Crime is self-funding SheKilda3 so your donation will help us make this an unforgettable event!

As a Criminal Consort not only will you be contributing to SheKilda3 but you will also receive:

  • A Dishonourable Mention on the Sisters in Crime Website and on the official SheKilda3 program
  • Free copy of the Scarlet Stiletto 2016 e-book being launched at SheKilda3.
  • A 10% discount on a Sisters in Crime membership or membership renewal.


Hachette Books Roadshow 2016

With Christmas coming around again, Bel and I had the chance to attend the Hachette Roadshow and check out their biggest upcoming titles. The night did not disappoint. Hachette displayed so many recent crime titles from debut and established authors that penning my summer reading list is going to be painstaking.

From the usual suspects, we have a new Rebus book from Ian Rankin. Rather be the Devil takes readers to a forty year old cold case that still preys on Rebus’s mind.

John Grisham’s particular brand of court-room crime is back too, with new stand-alone novel, The Whistler. A whistle-blower has indicted a judge of involvement in an organised crime scheme that has left at least two people dead. This is going to be judicial misconduct investigator Lacy Stoltz’s toughest case yet.

Anthony Horowitz also has a new stand-alone. Magpie Murders is a tribute to classic crime writers like Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle. As a writer who has masterfully authored three novels set in Sherlock Holmes’s world, no one knows better how to pull a tribute like this off. Magpie Murders is probably the most intriguing sounding book in Hachette’s 2016 Roadshow line-up – but I think it’s the type of book that needs to be read rather than explained.

The latest novel from Stephenie Meyer will also be a thriller. The Chemist follows an ex-agent who has been targeted by her former US governmental employers. After her only way out fails, she realises that she is going to have to stop running and start fighting if she has any hope of surviving.

With Christmas and holidays just around the corner, Hachette has something for all the crime lovers out there.

Hachette Roadshow: Upcoming Crime Novels

Wednesday night Hachette’s annual Roadshow was held in Brisbane’s historic City Hall. Alison Mather and I could think of no better way to spend an evening than rubbing shoulders with local booksellers, guest authors, and – of course – the dedicated Hachette team who made the event possible.

Over drinks and hors d’oeuvres, we got to chatting with bookstore staff and Louise Sherwin-Stark, the Managing Director of Hachette Australia, about crime fiction specifically in Australia. To no one’s surprise, Australians are still devouring Scandinavian crime writers alongside UK and US. Not as big on the Australian crime writers – aside from Michael Robotham. He’s been gaining momentum steadily and is in demand across Brisbane stores. If you’ve not yet tried him, his new book, Close Your Eyes, was released only days ago and book sellers have already been getting great feedback on it.

While many of could have no doubt talked books for hours, the presentation and goodie bags awaited. Neither disappointed.

Hachette has a long history of publishing some of my favourite authors, and the highlights this year are impressive.

The third book in Robert Galbraith’s (aka J. K. Rowling) Comoran Strike series will be out in October. According to Rowling this book took more planning than any previous novel. Considering that it starts with a woman’s severed leg being delivered to Strike’s assistant, it’s not such a surprise. It would take dedication to make the rest of the book live up to that opening.

Elizabeth George fans can look out for A Banquet of Consequences late October. Lynley is back and working on what might be his most complex case yet. Suicide, poisonings and a veneer of respectable country life…

In November, Ian Rankin’s latest Rebus novel, Even Dogs in the Wild, will hit the shelves. Threatening notes, bullets through windows and murder; retirement can wait, Rebus is on the case.

After a rummage through the goodie bag, I’ve come up with two more crime novels.

The Darkest Secret by Alex Marwood explores the events around the disappearance of three-year-old Coco in two weekends fifteen years apart. Irene by Pierre Lemaitre follows Commandant Verhœven as he tracks a serial killer whose murders are based on crime novels. Both books sound fantastic, now it’s just a matter of choosing between them.

With December fast approaching now’s the time to start writing those Christmas wish lists. Hopefully Hachette’s 2015 Roadshow has given you ample inspiration.


Joelene Pynnonen embraces the life of an avid book lover in every way. Her household is ruled cruelly by a wrathful cat; and should a fire ever start it is doubtful that she would make it past the elegant stacks of novels to her room door. At least once a year she coerces her mother into watching the BBC mini-series of Pride and Prejudice with her, and will often follow up by re-reading the book.