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Category: Psychics

Psych On Psychics: Simon Brown

Interviewed by Joelene Pynnonen


Could you tell us about how your ability started out, and some of your experiences with growing up or living with it?

As a child we moved quite often, my father blamed his Gypsy heritage, which is as good excuse as any. This constant moving around the world had me and my family in another house every year. I clearly remember I was about 6 and I saw a cat in the kitchen. Thing was, we didn’t own a cat. As time moved on these dead animal sightings increased in each house we moved to. The vast majority were cats and occasionally I would see a dog but it seems cats chose to stay where they were when they died and if you know cats, they do whatever they please so I’m not surprised. Now, as a growing lad I soon discovered that my mother is in fact an accomplished medium and so the subject of seeing dead things in the house was not one that was dismissed. It was not unusual to be involved in conversations of matter spiritual with my mum and dad and of course their interested friends. Mum was active in the spiritual church, wherever we were living at the time and the house was often filled with people, living and otherwise.

Up until I was 18 I didn’t really explore my ability. I started to see and experience other things as I grew up but these were pushed aside as I was singularly focused on joining the Navy, which I did when I was 18. From joining the navy until I was 30, I hardly even mentioned these things but it seems that once I turned 30, the desire to explore become quite strong. However I had to go about this somewhat surreptitiously, as being a NCO in the military I had to ensure I was not exposing myself professionally. I remember walking into a spiritual group I was involved with, and sitting in a chair was a colleague form the navy, we looked at each other, terrified, and turned away pretending that neither one was there. At the end of the evening, we left and in the following years we never mentioned a thing about it.

Having been in the military for many years, does this change the way you use your ability? And was it harder for you to come to terms with it initially?

As I approached the time for me to leave the navy, I was ready to leave in a number of ways, and one of them was the fact that my spiritualism had been stifled. When I finally left, I felt free to be the man I wanted to be and not the man the navy wanted me to be. As a medium, I often get ex-military people through and I can gauge their era by the uniform they are wearing. Being in the military for 20 years and achieving a significant rank, integrity is everything and it is such as a medium.

Integrity is being whole and complete and if we were to compromise our integrity then we become flawed. I would never allow myself to become a flawed Chief in the Navy and I will never allow myself to be a flawed Medium. Standing in front of a theatre of 100 people, if your integrity isn’t completely intact, you will soon be exposed. Now I am a general Manager in an ASX top 100, my integrity is once again everything in my profession, yet so is my credibility. I don’t announce to the boardroom that I am a Medium, however being I was WA Psychic of the year 2012, some people have seen or met me and it wasn’t long before my worlds collided. This being said, I have a day job and a night /weekend pursuit – who doesn’t? It’s just that my pursuit isn’t soccer or ballroom dancing, it’s communicating with those who have passed on.

How do you describe your particular ability i.e. what happens when you’re reading someone, do you feel, see, hear etc.?

I’m a medium… I’m not anything else. I don’t particularly believe in angels, crystals, Indian dream catchers or oils, bones or feathers, but importantly, I don’t judge either. Each to their own, I say.  I am a medium and I listen to what I am hearing, interpret what I am being shown and describe what I am seeing. I’m not a fortune teller or any other practitioner of ethereal matters. I pass on what I am being shown, hear or feel. Often I will take hold of something owned by the person I’m talking to.  I describe it as helping clear the fog. Interestingly, I do on occasion lay the tarot cards out. This is mainly to help me focus and connect. If I could get away with using a crystal ball instead of tarot cards I would, just to honour my Gypsy heritage as previously described.

How old were you when you realised you were sensitive to things that others aren’t? Was there a particular moment you can tell us about?

I was standing on a stool washing up, or maybe drying up. Anyway, it was dark and I looked up and out of the kitchen window. Because it was dark all I could see was my own refection and the kitchen room laid out behind me and there was a cat walking toward the sink … and subsequently me. I turned around but it was gone. I can still describe that cat. Grey was its predominant colour. As time went on I would see what turned out my long passed grandfather. He would drift about over a lamp near the bookcases. One time, I saw a young boy on a ship I was serving on. There had been a terrible tragedy years before with some cadets and seemed one of the young fellow was still there. I don’t mind telling you, that incident scared the beejesus out of me!

On the one hand, I have been woken by tormented suicide victim standing next to my bed. Yet on the other hand, I have had conversations with my dear father in law who passed a number of years ago. Not my mother in law, that’s another story!

Is there anything you can tell us about the most memorable case or client you’ve worked with?

I must admit I tend to data dump after a presentation or reading. There have been many occasions where I have had both the person I’m talking to, and myself, in tears. One that comes to mind was a fellow who came through and decided we were going to re-enact the motorcycle crash that killed him. Away we went down the road, and ultimately I was lying in the grass looking up as a horse was looking down on me. This was described to a lady in the audience who had recently lost her boyfriend. Everything I said was what had occurred, right down to the inquisitive horses in the paddock next to the wrecked bike.

I once described a person giving a greyhound dog mouth-to-snout resuscitation, which was validation for a lady that her dad was talking to her. Just last week, I was holding an event where I had a lady’s suicided daughter standing behind her. There were many tears, as was the very next reading who was a lady whose Vietnam veteran father came through. I have had apologizing paedophiles trying to solicit forgiveness from their victims, to embarrassed mothers watching their daughter on the computer looking for love. Whatever I get, you get! No filters (well maybe on occasion I will ask someone to see me after the presentation so as not to embarrass or make them uncomfortable). I did once get an elderly fellow come through whilst I was talking to a colleague in a boardroom at work. He was insistent that I tell her to hurry up, get married and have kids. He was from a country where this is what young women did. Fortunately, she had an understanding of me and what I did so she received the only reading I have ever done at work.

What kind of limits do your abilities have? Have there been certain people or situations that you’ve had trouble reading? If so, what do you think might cause this?

I would like to hear more, I see a lot but I would like to hear more and I put this lack of ability down due to my super busy life. I have never been able to slow down, I can’t make my mind ‘still’ although its advice I give others. One day, when I’m retired from my corporate life, and I’m only 48, I will be able to develop more and I hope that this will open me up for more clear and concise information. I once predicted the passing of someone, that rattled me and I asked ‘them’ to never show me such things again.

I don’t like reading for sceptics. They need infallible proof like names, ages, addresses etc. and I can only give what I get. I do feel the energy of the room and of the person and if you are stonewalling me, go away back to the pub, leave this situation for people who will get more out of it. I have read for such people and I have had them say I was spot on, but they still don’t believe. I’m not here to convert anyone to anything. If you don’t enjoy yourself or you’re not interested go away and make space for those that are. I had a women once screaming at me that unless I said the secret word, the word they had agreed upon before he died, then I was a charlatan. I so much wanted that word but alas in her eyes at least, I’m a phoney.

My motto is ‘Normalising Spiritualism’. It’s normal for these things to happen. It’s not the devils work. It’s not a religion. It’s nothing more than me being able to do something that others can’t. I can’t play a musical instrument (karaoke aside). I can’t paint beautiful pictures but for some reason I have an ability to communicate with those who have passed. That is my normal. Maybe not everyone’s normal, but it’s my normal!


After 14 schools in every state of the country and NZ, Simon decided to make a career of moving around and joined the Navy. A veteran of the Gulf conflict, Solomons Island Peace Keeping and many years of boarding operations he retired after 20 years and moved in the corporate business world, all the time managing to maintain and develop his spiritual abilities. Awarded Western Australia Psychic of the Year 2012, Simon continues to demonstrate his ability at venues throughout the state and with private readings.


Psych On Psychics: Julie McKenzie


Interviewed by Joelene Pynnonen and Belinda Hamilton

Your psychic abilities seem to run in the family, with both your mother and sister being in tune with the spirit world. Do their abilities differ drastically from yours? And how do you think that their talents shaped yours?

After my father passed suddenly from a heart attack I could no longer hide my abilities as I started to re-awaken my gift as a psychic and medium seeing and speaking to loved ones who had crossed over. I couldn’t hide from anyone or anything and knew that with the support of my Mum and sister that we would figure out together what this meant, not just for me but for them too. I never had a mentor or teacher to help me understand what was happening with my life and my abilities became just stronger and stronger, so I had to trust in the teachings from my guardians above as they taught me the language of spirit. As I grew stronger,I would encourage my Mum and sister to harness their gifts as well and I would teach them the way I was taught from spirit. Nowadays, my sister works with crystals but also likes healing and helping people on a quieter scale and my Mum travels Australia doing readings helping people in more remote areas. It’s funny as we always joke about how I, being the youngest of the family, was the teacher that helped them to open their gifts. However, I would never be where I am today without their full love and support and the loving support of my husband and children.

When people find they are seeing a creature, be it dragonflies or birds for example, more often than would be considered ‘normal’, do you think this is a manifestation, or ‘sign’ we can understand and accept from our loved ones who have passed, that they are with us?

Animals are amazing creatures that are like guardians here on earth and are companions and help us on our spiritual journey. When we are searching for answers in life we start to look for signs and messages to guide us. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with so much to do, I quite often come outside to see an eagle flying easily and effortlessly above me. To me it is a sign that spirit is always looking over me and to just breathe. Each animal has its own meaning and if you have an animal catch your eye or feel that everywhere you turn you see this animal even if it is in a magazine or as an emblem or even in a card it is important to look at the meaning as it could have a hidden message for you.  Everything can be a sign but if for example you see dragonflies constantly flying around you or they land on you, this can be a sign. Dragonfly means illusion which means that not everything is what it seems, so we must keep our eyes open and be aware of situations around us. On the other hand when I know Dad is watching over me or wants to talk I always see a moth and this is my personal sign that he is around. Why a moth? Because the day we lost him I was so upset and this moth kept flipping in in the face and I would try to swat it away and then I heard his voice loud and clear as he said I’m am okay. To this day,whenever I talk about him a moth appears. Even his grandchildren talk about Grandad Willy is here when they see a moth. It has bought a comfort that the moth energy is my Dad and my children feel comforted that he is around.

You have quite a range of talents to help you interpret the spirit world including Reiki, mediumship, psychic abilities and crystal therapy. Which of these serves you best, or which do you prefer and why?

Yes, I know a lot about the other side and spiritual side and this is why I love to write books about the subject with another release later in the year. To me, my ability, my destiny, my passion is to connect the spirit world and teach the world that we are never alone and spirit wants to guide us to understand how all of this works in our daily lives. I’m called The Natural Medium and see myself as a person who connects primarily through mediumship  – I connect people with their loved ones on the other side providing them with a second chance. However my passion is to teach people about the spiritual world and how living a happy, healthy and positive life is one that is sacred and loved. Helping people to connect and understand spirit is something I want to share.

 Reiki and Yoga share some similar philosophies. What do you think was the driving force behind certain branches of the Catholic Church warning their members against embracing the philosophies of Yoga and telling them to ‘just go through the motions’?  

Religion is such a big thing in life and when I asked my guardians about why there is so much judgement and so many religions the answer was simple. You see everybody has their own rights to believe in whatever they want to believe in, and with some religions their belief is not to stray outside of their own beliefs, and others may be to push their religion onto others. I believe in God, angels, guides, guardians, loved ones who have passed on, fairies and so much more in so many more beliefs and feel I am not defined by just one religion but to understand the meaning of many. To me, I don’t fit into just one category for each religion has its own message. I am lucky to have opened my heart to many, however some people need to just believe in one thing because if they believe in too many, they all start to contradict one another, so they need to stick with just one or everything can bring doubt in about their life and their self.

You see, in the end, we have many wonderful things in our life and each person is individual and what they do and how they see the world is up to them and no one should judge them for that. Yes, I have judgements passed against me but I do not take that on board and just understand that just because this is their way doesn’t mean it is the wrong way. The best judgement is not to have one and know we are all loving people in our own way. I do not let fear be put on me and I don’t try to push my beliefs on others. This is a freedom in its own right. (The movie Life of PI shows a great example of this)

I have never worked up the guts to go have a reading with a medium, or psychic because I am not really ever sure who to trust and who’s a fraud (after all, I’m not the one with the abilities) How can a regular Joe decide who they should trust to give them a reading?

I always say to people to trust your gut instinct about a psychic or medium as you can trust your own intuition. I had one lady who waited thirty years before she found me to connect with her mother. This was someone she treasured and didn’t want the loving memory to be trashed or made a joke of. She said that when she had heard about me and read about me, she just knew.  It is always important for the Medium or Psychic to understand that you are dealing with a real person with real emotions and real feelings, so a lot of respect is commanded for the person they are connecting with. I love to help people to connect and I think that the belief of the afterlife is something that is wanted and desired and is favourable outcome for many people to know their loved ones are safe. Yes there are a lot of charlatans in the industry but I always say word of mouth is the best form to trust as well as your gut instincts.   I always say the timing has to be right and the right person will appear and trust in what you feel.

In your book, Dancing with Spirit, you recount your near-death experience that culminated with a visit from the Archangel Michael. What do you think it is that brings the Archangels to certain people in times of need?

The Archangels are beautiful strong, powerful, loving angels that provide us with strength and protection. These loving beings want to help us and guide us to be the best we can be. They do not judge us and many of these Archangels are depicted throughout many religions and times throughout history. I believe they represent our true essence our true heart to be loving, kind, gentle and strong at the same time. They are like our compass in our life and what we all strive to be. They are unconditional and do not judge. Many people call upon these Archangel to help guide their life not knowing each one has a special purpose and can be with any of us simultaneously. They are the true essence of beauty on every level.

Julie McKenzie

The Natural Medium

Psych on Psychics: Sherry van't Hag

Interviewed by Joelene Pynnonen and Belinda Hamilton

Sherry van’t Hag has read for thousands of people both privately and publicly and was one of the three psychics chosen to audition for Brynne Edelstens’s TV show My Bedazzled Life. Sherry is the recent winner of the award for ‘Victorian Psychic of the year 2012’ voted by her peers in the Australian Psychics Association. With twenty two years of experience behind her, she is renowned for inspiring and extremely accurate guidance.

I’ve heard that nurses and doctors cannot sit down and watch episodes of ER without feeling like they’re bringing work home with them… Have you ever just sat down to watch shows like Medium, Ghost Whisperer or Long Island Medium for entertainment purposes?

Strangely enough, I have to admit that I have never sat down to watch an entire episode of any of these shows! Partly, yes, because it is for a lack of a better word, ‘work’, although most of the time my work does not feel like work to me, Never the less it is ironical that I have not taken up an interest in watching shows like this. I believe it is because sometimes the way in which it is portrayed can be quiet different to the way it actually is.

For example, being consistently woken during the night while trying to sleep, seeing spirits as if they are as clear as the living right next to us and hearing or having full conversations word for word with the deceased. Spirit communication although mind-blowing is not nearly as straight forward as it is shown in these shows, but if you’d like to know how it really works then you should read my book Eternal Light, I dedicate an entire chapter to educating people about all types of spirit communication. I speak about how we as mediums receive their messages, to the six stages of perception and how they (meaning spirit) try to get their messages across to us. Each medium is unique in their approach and it can be hard to define this and how it truly works in a television show.

Do you find electrical items tend to misbehave around you, more than they would around a non-psychically intuitive person?

Actually, I really have to think about this one. I will have to say no. And that’s the answer I prefer, as sometimes when lights are going on and off and electrical equipment is playing up it can be quiet annoying. Yes I have seen it and witnessed it but not really much around myself.

Sometimes this type of activity happens when a spirit is restless and cannot get their information through, so I find that it is not particularly a good thing. Although some spirits it can actually be their trademark, so to speak. Every time my friend’s Mother would visit the lights would flicker in a consistent manner and I know of someone’s father in law who liked to change the television to stations he frequented when he was alive. All in all, there is no harm that can be done as long as the computer saves the manuscript!

Did you find that writing your book ‘Eternal Light’ helped you to put into words, things you had previously found difficult to express
to family and friends? 

Most of my friends already know how deeply spiritual I am and quite a few are very spiritual themselves. Family, on the other hand, is an entirely different kettle of fish. I cannot actually name one family member who understands anything about my spirituality or even really comprehends what I actually do.

My mother, who is now supportive, had previously discouraged me to keep going with anything spiritual or psychic in nature. She always thought I would be better off with a normal job. After many years, she now realises that it is my life’s purpose and destiny to be a psychic medium. She is now also quite a fan of Psychic TV and is beginning to realise that I am not the only one on the planet who is into this type of thing. So this is quite a turnaround for her.

My daughter of nine has grown up with it around her, so it’s soaked through her DNA; she’s just like her mother. She actually gives me advice about my personal life and tells me how it is and her hands are holy as a saint, it is apparent to me when she lays her hands upon me or I hold her in my arms.

My son who is eighteen always gives me a hard time about my spirituality in a joking way but then he will praise me about my achievements and he is always encouraging when I do my work. So I know that deep down he knows there’s something to it! For other close family members who came to celebrate the launch of my book, they were there to support me not necessarily what I do, and I know that. I can only hope that if they read the book, it will ring true to them on some level. I wrote my book for humanity with the hopes and determination that we can raise our vibration and spiritual awareness on this planet and grasp the deeper meaning of life, not having to fear death or life or one another.

You have a lot of success with your prayers coming true. Does this work when you pray for yourself or when you pray for others? And is there usually someone specific that you pray to?

This is my favourite question to answer as my purpose is to make a difference in people’s lives and this is what I feel that I am doing when I pray! I do prayers for others that come true. By this I mean that I receive feedback that proves to me that my request from spirit for the person I am praying for has worked and changed their life for the better. As an example, of this I had a client whose husband had been very physical with her throughout their relationship. Of course, none of was acceptable and so I prayed that her husband see his wrong doing and his faults. I also prayed that he was to awaken to the fact that he really despised himself not her and realised that he needed to heal and immediately stop abusing his wife. I also said to my client that she would end the relationship with him and be much happier on her own. Weeks later she saw me and asked, “What did you do to my husband, he’s gone from beating me up to saying, hey I am sorry can we be friends?” She said that after my prayers he never lifted his hand to her again. About one year later she had another reading with me and she was on her own very happy.

I have had people tell me that on the night of my prayers all the noises that previously plagued them during the night had instantly stopped. There really are countless times I have prayed for people and all sorts of circumstances and things have changed. In my book, I write about what prayer is really is. Who do I pray to? I pray to the hierarchy in spirit and to the guides of the person I am working with. I do this is my own specific way.

Many years ago, while sitting in meditation I heard a voice say to me “You’re an Earth Angel”. A few days later I was about to do my first ever public speech and my friend handed me a tiny handbook by Doreen Virtue with a title that read, Earth Angels – what type are you? I had never heard the term Earth Angel until my loving guides mentioned it. And to prove I was hearing correctly they gave me a lovely sign to confirm any doubts I had in my mind about their message. It didn’t surprise me as back then in 2004. I had been working so diligently as a Lightworker through reading, healing and teaching that I knew I had a greater purpose here on Earth.

I was once told by a very good Psychic that I volunteered to come here upon this Earth at this time to help humanity with the quest for enlightenment and I believe that to be so. I have been informed that this is my last lifetime here on Earth. I believe that too. My path in life hasn’t always been easy, but to tell you the truth all I really wish for is a better more peaceful enlightened world where we can love one another and our dear planet and live in harmony.  There really there is so much work to do and I cannot get enough of it. The more I do, the better I feel. You can never pray too much and you can never love too much. I wrote my book for many reasons but to help us understand our true nature and to help humanity understand death are two.  My prayers come true because I command them to do so. My words are powerful and so are yours. Everyone can pray.

You’ve been doing psychic readings for 22 years now. What is the strangest case that you’ve had in that time?

It seems that there are so many that I find it hard to pinpoint just one incidence in particular but throughout my twenty seven year span of spiritual development I would have to say the strangest thing that has happened to me is when I entered a full conversation with my ex-partner John without opening my mouth once. In other words yes a real live true full length telepathic conversation!  This took place over ten years ago when John and I were sitting down close to midnight at his mother’s house.

This particular conversation is documented in my book Eternal Light as it is quiet an anomaly! I sat to speak to him concerned about our relationship when all of a sudden I started communicating with him from my third eye. It was quite incredible; I could tell he knew what was happening by the look upon his face. My mouth was closed but I was speaking loud and clear in a telepathic method, it was so unusually profound and both of us seemed to be in a trance like state as if something else besides us was taking over, but none of it was scary, actually it was quite the opposite. There was amazing sense of peace and serenity within me as I relayed information to him through my telepathic dialogue. I spoke first then he responded.

I was the calm one while John was totally freaked out even as he was doing it. Never the less he was doing it somehow and when he had finished giving me his message our heads fell down as if to come out of the trance strangely enough his mothers clock struck midnight right at that second! His mother had passed away two years prior. I don’t know that I could do this again if I desperately tried and I am not sure what force of nature took over us that evening but all I feel is that there was such a deep connection with the two of us that it was able to take place.

You say that you occasionally use Angel cards, not Tarot cards. For us beginners, what is the difference? 

I started with Tarot cards all those years ago and the only Tarot pack I have ever owned are the very first ones I brought. I still have them now! They are called The Enchanted Tarot Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber published in 1991. Back then I am not even sure if there were Angel cards. Now with the emergence of our very wonderful Doreen Virtue, who really is the Angel lady, we have many types of Angel cards and decks to choose from and more people are becoming aware of the existence of Angels, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters and the love and guidance that come to us from them.

There are so many Angel Decks and other tools available to us thanks to her ability to channel much information directly from Angels. She of course not the only person who has published Angels cards or channels information directly from them however she would be the most well known. Within my Tarot deck there are seventy eight cards, twenty two being Major Arcana and the rest comprised of four suits of Minor Arcana that correspond to different aspects of our lives.

Tarot cards are like a visual story telling tool, and when laid out in a card spread for an individual they will tell a story about the past the present and the future.  The exact date of the first use of tarot cards for divination (the art of foretelling the future) isn’t known but the oldest surviving decks date back as far as the fifteenth century. Since the ancient times it has been common to consult the oracles of various deities in temples and shrines to gain insight into the mysteries of life. I believe that the human spirit is eternally seeking to know and understand itself and its power. To explain the tarot in full we would have to go into great detail. Angel cards seem to be much easier and simpler to understand and read and I believe they are a relatively new concept. Either way both are a powerful tool to help mediums and psychic’s gain insight for guiding people in their lives. I use several decks of Angel cards and I pull them from the deck for people. They are always spot on. I usually use the cards at the end of the reading to confirm what I have already said.

In the past you have used things like psychometry and Tarot cards but you find you don’t need these any longer. Do you think this is because you’re stronger in your psychic abilities now or because you have a better idea of how to use your abilities? 

In brief the answer to both those questions is yes. When I first began reading I was very unaware of how much it would develop or that one of my main strengths would be medium-ship  The tarot cards in the beginning where very useful as I read straight from them, yet even then I would sometimes receive information about my client before they arrived at the front door. Because I was first starting out I would get nervous so I would ask my guides for insight before the reading had begun.

Nowadays, because I know it’s all going to come through accurately and very fast I prefer to tune in when the reading begins. Naturally, I have improved immensely overtime, in the fact that I am more confident and more trusting of the information channelled to me through all the psychic senses. I see (clairvoyance) hear (clair-audience) feel (Clair-sentience) smell (clair-alience) and know (clair-cognizance).

Psychics seem to refine themselves as instruments for messages and it does get easier to do this without any tools. This is how it is for me anyway. I don’t need or use jewellery like I used to and the cards I don’t actually need. So yes I do indeed after so many years trust my own ability more but mostly I trust spirit, and this gives me complete confidence in what I do! It’s just beautiful!

You can find Sherry on her website.

Psych On Psychics: Jade Sky

Interviewed by Joelene Pynnonen and Belinda Hamilton

Jade-Sky is a Psychic/Medium-a “direct channeller”. She was born with a special gift of being able to connect clairvoyantly with energies of deceased loved ones. Over the past 19 years Jade-Sky has fine tuned her natural skills in the areas of psychometry, medium-ship/channelling and uncovering past lives. Jade-Sky has read professionally for clients from all around the world.

How do you ask your kids to address your profession to their classmates, and their parents when asked? (not everyone is open minded about Mediums and the likes)

My children are very open to what I do, in fact when they are little they think everyone’s Mum does the same thing that I do they don’t see anything weird about it. However now that my eldest child is in high school at a new school I have noticed a difference, he mentions that I am an author first and then once he gets to know the children he says that I am also a medium.

My younger children’s friends and parent’s know what I do and who I am and they are open to it, many of them are open spiritually too and so are their kids. The other parent’s or classmates who are not close to my kids do not know what I do, I am just a Mum all the same.

Your ability is something that you have passed on to your kids, which according to Karina Machado’s wonderful book Spirit Sisters is remarkably common. Does this make motherhood more challenging for you? Or is it something that they are all comfortable with?

Yes my ability has been passed down to all three of my kids in three different ways. They are all individuals so each has their own gift. My youngest child my daughter is very similar to me she is a direct channel, a medium and she is very clairvoyant. She has channelled ever since she could talk and would accidently channel at daycare and freak her teachers out. Now that she has started school it is becoming easier for me to teach her how to close down and not to tell everything to everyone.

My second child is a healer, he is an empath and he sees things. This can be hard to deal with at night time and when he is around people that are stressed or sick as he tends to take on their energy too much. He also had a lot of premonitions when he was younger, as he has grown older he has blocked this out.

My eldest son my teenager is going through a scientific doubting stage and he has blocked his gifts for now, which actually helps him to focus on his studies and being a normal teenager.

With 4 books under your belt, do you think you’ll ever run out of material to write about?

I am so passionate about writing about so many different things, I will continue to teach and write. The world is an amazing place and the spiritual world is so vast I am sure there will be many more opportunities for me to write. In fact I am currently in the middle of writing my next book.

In your experience do those who have died hold grudges?

Each person and each spirit is individual; I have found though that many spirits see things from a different perspective after they have passed, usually they don’t hold grudges because they can see the past, present and future and how it affects everyone they have left behind.

You discovered your psychic ability through the spirit guides you had as a child. These guides were thought of by others as imaginary friends. Do you think this is a common misunderstanding about imaginary friends?

Yes I meet many people who have experienced similar experiences to me or their kids have imaginary friends, after to speaking to them they often realise that this friend was actually a spirit helper or guide.

You say that children are more open and therefore have more psychic ability. What is it that closes us off from that as we grow older?

As children grow older and begin to learn things at school they start to use their intuition less and begin to learn to use their practical skills with reading, maths etc. Also as kids grow older they usually find new friends and often they don’t want to stand out or be different from the crowd so they begin to block what they are seeing or sensing or hearing to fit in with their peers.

As adults sometimes people may be quite reluctant to think that there is a spiritual world due to their belief systems, fear of the unknown or their own scepticism. It can be daunting for people to realise that there is more to the world than just the physical world, that there is in fact a spiritual world.


Psych On Psychics: Nick Groff (Ghost Adventurer)

Interviewed by Joelene Pynnonen and Belinda Hamilton

As far as I am aware, the majority of ghost hunting is patient waiting and then there’s sifting through hours and hours of recordings for evidence. Do you find certain times of the year or phases of the moon bring more paranormal activity than others?

It’s hit and miss. Typically, it is when you least expect things to happen, they jump out at you. From my years of research, I think our dimensions line up at centre times with other spiritual dimensions and we are able to experience and capture unexplainable activity.

Provoking is a method that really divides the ghost hunting community. What are your personal thoughts on provoking? 

We use provocation when we are dealing with evil entities at locations where owners, managers and other eyewitnesses are crying out for help. We investigate a lot of sinister locations, like prisons. We do not use provocation against innocent spirits. We never walk into a location and just start yelling. We do our research first on the location, than we investigate. I have mixed feelings towards provocation. I don’t like walking into someone’s home and just start yelling at them. The flip side is, if you are being pushed, or bullied and you raise your voice back to stop or confront it.

With ghost ‘hunting’ apps for smart phones coming out in the last few years, do you think they are worth the time and do they have a place on a hunt?

I don’t personally use them and because of that I really don’t have a personal take on them. We team up with professional scientists that help develop specific pieces of equipment that we test and use in the field.

You say that your most frightening investigative experience was seeing the ghost of a woman at the Linda Vista Hospital in Los Angeles; this incident also affected your life profoundly. Did you ever find out who this woman might have been? And have other people reported sighting her?

Yes, this was the moment in my life that I became closer to the other side than ever before. After this experience, I have been searching out answers through tons of different sources. A former nurse at the hospital reached out to us and told the story about how she once worked there and experienced seeing the same Lady Spirit I saw. We did a return to Linda Vista hospital for a Ghost Adventures episode. We even went as far as researching info at the coroner’s office to see if there was any pictures of people who passed away at the hospital to try and match up with the spirit that I saw. It was closure for me to return and try to communicate with the spirit. I feel as if we might have helped the spirit understand what happen to her and possibly she could move on to a better place. This experience and image of the spirit is now a part of me.

You’ve experienced partial possession before and describe the feeling of a ‘dark presence’ coming over you. Do instances like this make you
reconsider chasing ghosts?

It is the most dangerous side of what we do as paranormal investigators. I’d never believed an energy could overtake your own self but it does happen. You have to be very strong spiritually. I have learned over the years how to improve that side of me. Sometimes the negative energy is too strong to face and I have lost my own self in this dark force. It is a feeling of dread. There have been a few times that I have thought twice about what I do and if I want to continue to do it. I have a family and I never want to put them in harm’s way. I am now very cautious.

How does it feel going into lock-down in a potentially haunted place? Do you have to prepare yourself for it in any way?

I don’t think to hard about it because I don’t want to work up my imagination. I want to go in with an open mind, but at the same time be very
cautious of the lingering energies that we could possibly come into contact with. I do the research first and learn the facts, than investigate the location from an open-minded perspective to see what evidence we can gather and match up to the eyewitness accounts.

I love what I do. Every day is something new and adventurous. You never know what you will encounter when stepping foot into a supposed haunted location. At times it is an extreme adult adrenaline rush. I question and learn new things about the afterlife every day that I am still breathing in this world. The unexplainable is very fascinating and intriguing to me. This is why I keep pursuing The Other Side!