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What’s this about?
Tara Sharp will be posting some of the adventures she gets up to inbetween novels in this section. Our crime-cracking, reluctant psychic will be solving whodunnits and sharing the love.

Should I have read Sharp Shooter to make sense of the whodunits?
While it would enhance your enjoyment, it’s not necessary. Check the other pages in this section to find the list of characters, character profiles and a record of previous posts. If you miss a post, you bring yourself up to speed.

Why are you doing this?
It’s a long time between books. I like Tara, and I’d like to have her around in my life regularly, the way I enjoy catching up with the characters in my favourite TV series every night. I hope you’ll feel the same way.

The Whodunits

Whodunnit #1: Fully Dead