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Character Bios


Full name – Tara Joanna Sharp
Age – 26 or 27, depending on how I feel
Height – 185 cms (around the biceps – no just kidding!)
Hair and Eyes – bold bown
Address – Lilac St, Eucalyptus Grove, Perth
Religion – pretty lapsed RC
Favourite colour – purple
Favourite food – vanilla slice but I’ll take any cake I can get my mouth around
Favourite music – Hilltop Hoods, Usher
Favourite sport – Basketball, AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Netball, Cricket, Baseball… yeah, sports maniac
Favourite animal – galahs
Favourite thing to do – hang with peeps, watch NCIS re-runs, think about going to the gym, go to the gym, moan about how I feel after going to the gym


Full name – Nick Tozzi
Age – 34
Height – 212 cms
Hair and Eyes – brown, hazel
Address – Devils Elbow, Eucalyptus Grove, Perth
Religion – RC (used to be an altar boy)
Favourite colour – red and black (Western Thunder colours)
Favourite food – Eireen’s homemade gnocchi
Favourite music – Nickelback, Train
Favourite sport – Basketball
Favourite thing to do – win, drive the Lambo


Full name – Edouardo Pote
Age – 20
Height – 187cms
Hair and Eyes – black, blue
Job – full time model (almost, soon, hopefully…), part time glass collector
Address – a unit in Swanbourne (I don’t give out my address)
Religion – undecided
Favourite colour – sunshine
Favourite food – onion bahji pakora
Favourite music – Latin dance, and Rhianna
Favourite sport – soccer
Favourite thing to do – drink flaming drambuies with Tara Sharp, sleep


Name – Antonia (nee Vincent) Tozzi
Age – 28
Height – 180cms
Hair and Eyes – honey blonde, blue
Job – managing her social calendar
Address – Devil’s Elbow, Eucalyptus Grove, Perth
Religion – I’d Like To Buy It
Favourite colour – diamonds
Favourite food – sashimi
Favourite music – Katy Perry, Delta Goodrem
Favourite sport – *shudder*
Favourite thing to do – share a straw (with friends), shop


Full name – Veno
Age – 20-ish
Height – 170 cms
Hair and Eyes – blonde, blue
Address – Sydney somewhere
Religion – RC
Favourite colour – ??
Favourite food – cocktails
Favourite music – techno
Favourite sport – clubbing
Favourite animal – ??
Favourite thing to do – grope pretty girls, gamble, get pissed

Johnny Viapsa (Vogue)

Age – 33
Height – 183 cms
Hair and eyes – black and black
Job – entrepreneur
Address – Coke Road
Religion – RC
Favourite drink – chianti classico
Favourite food – marinara and Cold Rock
Favourite music – Ricky Martin (‘La Vida Loca’ yeah, right!)
Favourite sport – shooting ducks
Favourite thing to do – screw atheists